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Jar of Ideas – Pig

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Oink, oink! What to do with “Pig”? I started thinking about Piglet, Minecraft pigs, crochet a pig of my own design, piggy bank, piggy back rides, and even thought about materials: if I wasn’t going to use yarn, what else could I use? I ended up with perler beads (beads you iron together), because I made so much with that when I was little and I have been wanting to use them again!

It might seem a bit childish, or simple, but it is so relaxing to just sit down and place the correct color beads into the right places. In a way it is like crochet, because it requires a focus that is intense enough to keep you busy but relaxed enough to have time to, well, “meditate”. I always call crochet my meditation, because I think of nothing but the pattern and the stitches. With perler beads, all you think about is the beads and mostly: finding them in the huge jar of beads in all kinds of colors!

The project

With these beads come plates in all kinds of shapes. I choose the circular ones, to make a piggy nose and piggy butt. I wanted the finished project to not be obvious but to suggest “pig”.

And of course, when working 40 hour weeks and the daylight keeps disappearing earlier each day, there comes a moment when you just can’t make good pictures. Since I don’t have a studio or studio-like setup, we’ll have to do with the crappy living-room-lighting.







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