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Jar of Ideas – Luck

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Sometimes, things don’t happen how you imagine them. Like last weekend, when I was working on the Jar of Ideas of September. It was the last weekend of September, and I had a few things to do, but I had enough time planned to finish this painting. On Saturday, I painted until I decided it should dry a bit before adding another layer. On Sunday, I had some other fun things, that would last until four in the afternoon. Enough time to finish this painting! But no – things got out of hand, and I wasn’t home until ten o’clock!

Okay, I thought, I’ll finish the painting on Tuesday evening. But then I got the flu, so that didn’t happen as well. This poor painting, just laying around, waiting to be complete! Today, I finally got around to finishing this for the Jar of Ideas, and pulling out a new word. But before I tell the word for October, let me tell you how I made this painting!

The process

Horseshoes. Four leaf clovers. A rabbit’s foot. There are so much symbols for the word “luck”, but none really spoke to me. I did a quick Google search for symbols of luck in other cultures, and yes! A lucky cat! You will find them in Chinese restaurants or shops, but they are originally a Japanese symbol for luck. And cool!

I got this box of acrylic paint in cute colors, which match the colors I had in mind for this. And I got this sponge on a stick, which you can use to stamp paint on something. Idea! Cute colored but messy background, with a black-and-white lucky cat in the corner.

The materials used:
– A canvas
– Pencil and eraser
– Sponge on a stick
– Acrylic paint
– Water to clean the sponge
– Palette


After drawing the lines of the cat, I started stamping paint on the background. I tried to use paper to make clean borders where the cat was, but that didn’t work out great. When I was using blue, I wanted to make half of the dot go “behind” the ear, so I used a piece of paper to catch the other half. But as I said before, things don’t always go as planned. The paint got UNDER the paper and made a big blue spot! Most of the paint could be wiped away with my finger, but you can still see where my little accident happened…

After all that paint was dry, I drew the outline of the cat with a Micron fineliner. I know my skills with small brushes are not so great, so I choose to stay away from black acrylic paint for these fine lines.



And there it is: my lucky cat! I am curious to see what you made with this word, so be sure to use #jarofideas on Instagram. Also, if you don’t wanna miss a new post, subscribe to my newsletter on the right. Get inspired with the new word below!

The word for October: Pig

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