Hi! My name is Lisa and I am from the Netherlands.

“What do you do with yarn?”

When I was a young girl, I learned how to knit in elementary school. I started to crochet in 2016, although I learned to crochet about two years before.

I fell in love with yarn, hooks, stitches, fiberfill and anything else crochet-related. I recently started knitting again as well, and I love it a lot more than I remember. I also like to get creative with non-yarn materials, but yarn is my go-to crafting material.

“Ok, we get the yarn part. Why are you a nerd?”

First of all, I can make websites from scratch! Most are for my own use, but I help people with their websites. You can hire me as a Supernerd on my Dutch website, and I will help you with your WordPress-website!

Second of all, I love a lot of geeky stuff: Pokémon, games, Harry Potter and Star Wars to name a few. I owe a lot of that love to my boyfriend: without him I would have never started gaming.

Third of all, I love to read. Once, I read all the Harry Potter books in seven days! In my blog I have the category ‘Books’, where you can read about my favorite books. Read those if you’re into books as well.

And lastly, learning new cool things is one of my hobbies. I love to learn and to read, so you can imagine I loved school as well. That makes me a nerd in four definitions of the word!