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Jar of Ideas – Plants

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While July in the Netherlands was extremely dry, I had to make something with the word “Plants”! Normally that would fit July like a charm, with it’s blooming nature and lots of green scenery. Unfortunately this is not a good year for plants: because of hot temperatures and lack of rain even the grass is brown and dry, and trees shed their leaves because of a water shortage. And with the word “Plants” I only get green visions…

Right after pulling the word out of my jar, I saw two images: deep green leaves and plants, and Plants vs. Zombies. As you can read in my previous blog post, I currently have a lot of WIPs so I didn’t want to add another to the pile. For that reason I dropped the Plants vs. Zombies-idea.

I decided to paint with acrylic paint and I knew I had two amazingly cute tiny easels with a canvas on it. Two small paintings it is! I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and I found this amazing picture of lavender. One theme down, one more to go. As a fan of cacti, the second painting just HAD to be some lovely cacti.



First, I tried on paper if the image I had in my mind would come out of my hands. A little practice makes perfect! The practice sheets were even bigger than the canvas I would use, so I had to be careful with sizes.




I ended up with two super cute and lovely paintings, that are very easy to make. You can easily do it, it’s so simple. Just make sure to practice on paper like I did, so you know the paintings will be the way you imagined it!







The word of August is “Barcelona”.

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