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I found some time to make a list of all my current projects and I want to share them with you! I can imagine that you also have a lot of projects on your hooks, and maybe this will inspire you to finish some of them. As a general rule I don’t want to be working on more than four projects at the same time, so it’s time I finish some of these soon!


For a friend I am making an Eevee amigurumi. The order came in about half a year ago, but he told me not to rush. Maybe I took that a little too literate. I think it’s time that I finish this cute Pokémon, and move on to the next pattern.


I have made this amigurumi a few times before. It was actually the first thing I ever crocheted! It really got me into crochet, so I love making it again. Maybe that’s why I keep postponing…. Nostalgia.

Pattern: Sabrina Somers

Comfort blankets

Together with my grandmother and mother, I am making blankets for children who need them. I made the Granny Square blanket on my own, and my grandmother is crocheting  squares for other blankets like crazy! I think I can make at least three blankets with all her squares. She loves to keep her hands busy in the evening. My mother is learning new stitches from me, mostly from the Mystery Blanket. She enjoys practicing them and trying out new patterns.

I have to stitch all the squares together and it is overwhelming. I don’t even have the time to contribute a few squares, because I have so much other things going on! This will be an ongoing project by the looks of it, but it would be nice to finish a few blankets and send them to the children.

Pattern: none

Mystery Blanket 2017

Okay, I know I posted about my favorites of the Mystery Blanket already. I cheated a bit, because it is not finished yet! All that’s left to do is sewing in the ends and making a border, but I just can’t put myself to that. It has been such a big project, I can’t believe it is going to end. Luckily, I have the Mystery Blanket of 2018 to look forward to: the yarn will be delivered in September… Let’s assume I will have this blanket finished by then!


Retro Cardigan 2.0

When I started this cardigan, I planned to finish it in January. Oops…

A lot of small projects have come in between, and now I still have to sew in the loose ends of the sleeves and continue with the top! This pattern works from the bottom to the top, with the sleeves as a project in the middle. When the sleeves are finished, you attach them to the rest of the cardigan and crochet on. I would like to have sewn in the loose threads of the sleeves before I attach them, to make it a little easier. But that is such a boring task!

Pattern: Simply Haken no. 2/2017 (magazine)

What’s next?

Whenever I have finished some projects, I would love to make my own tote bag. I already have written down the pattern, so I can start immediately!

Also I can’t wait to get started on the Persian Tiles blanket. I got the yarn as a birthday gift from my sisters, but I have been resisting the urge to start because of my rule of no more than four current projects.

Some baskets for my make-up would be nice as well. Also ready to start, because I have the yarn I want. Another project that I keep pushing to the next month, because I have so many WIPs.

And of course, starting in October, this year’s Mystery Blanket will be added to the “working on this” pile.

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