Cross stitch Jar of Ideas

Jar of Ideas – Boobies

Yes, another word from the Jar of Ideas I had so much fun with! I think it is very important to have fun with boobies – especially when they’re your own.

But I didn’t want to make this too much of a statement. Female empowerment and loving your own body is something that I fight for, but I also wanted to make something lighthearted and funny.

So I decided to save the statement for this blog, and make my art as usual: with a wink, some dark humor and beautiful colors. Pretty soon this quote popped up in my head, which had me designing in no time! I found these beautiful colored strands in leftover strands from my grandma and just HAD to use them for this.

When I was cross stitching, it occured to me that the wobbly lines with dots could be seen as a row of breasts with nipples… Which totally suits the theme! And for the statement: there is nothing embarassing or funny about boobs. Be proud of your body. Male or female, boobs and nipples are part of us and they are beautiful. Love.

As for the pattern…

Ah, I almost forgot. You can find this pattern – amongst others – in my Etsy shop! Have fun working on this project 🙂

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