I’m picking up knitting and it’s amazing

The first yarn-craft I learned was knitting. In elementary school, we had craft-classes that included knitting, but also painting, dying fabric, face painting, weaving baskets and (although it is not really a craft) chess. I had so much fun during all these classes! For a while I even borrowed some knitting needles from my mom to knit at home. Can you imagine a 9-year-old that is knitting for fun? Yup, I was a weird kid…

Later in life, I sometimes had a few weeks where I would knit a lot. I taught myself how to purl, to cast on and cast off, and I enjoyed it for a while. But after a few days, I would stop knitting and do something else with my life.

After a few years crochet came into my life. Boy, was I hooked (pun intended)! And while I was getting better and better at crochet, the itch to start knitting came back. Inspired by crafters whose work I follow, I was getting more and more interested in picking up knitting again.

My first (real) knitting project

For a year now, I have seen beautiful knitted sweaters on various blogs. Every single time I’m in doubt: should I start knitting again? And would I be able to make these awesome sweaters? Wouldn’t the stitches be too hard for a beginner?

And finally, a few weeks ago, I came across a pattern with just normal and purling stitches, that looked simple enough. Only the arms use decreases, so I would be able to practice my knitting before I got to those slightly more difficult parts (since I usually make the front and back first).

I ordered the yarn, I made an appointment with my mom, and I pulled out my knitting needles. Since my mom is an experienced knitter and we often craft together (she even taught me how to crochet, before I used YouTube to perfect myself), I wanted her to be there for the first rows in case I messed up!

We had a lovely day together, where I found out that I was better at knitting than I first thought. I barely needed her help and I barely made mistakes. I guess the motions stayed in my muscles, even when I didn’t knit for a long time. It’s probably like riding a bike…

And now..

… I’m working on my sweater in between market prep. So far, it is looking great! And the best thing is: I made it myself. And after this one, I’ll probably start another knitting project, because I really enjoy knitting.

Have any suggestions for my next knitting project? Or are you a crocheter and are you interested in knitting? Let me know in the comments below!

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