Ever want to make something, but don’t know what? Need some inspiration? That’s where the Jar of Ideas can help!

I have a jar. It is filled with little pieces of paper with words on them. I pull one piece of paper out. What’s written on it is what I will have to use as inspiration! For anything I want, so with the word ‘Apple’ I could make a pie or a painting. As long as the word inspired me to do it, it is all okay.

Super easy, and you can do it yourself. Ask your friends and family to write down (random) words on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Or, you can join me with my current word and share your results with #nerdwithyarn or @nerdwithyarn! The current word pops up when you visit the homepage.

And for some extra inspiration: here are some of the words that I have pulled in the past: ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Rome’, ‘Donald Duck’, ‘Pig’, ‘Plants’, ‘Sports’, ‘Luck’, ‘Barcelona’, ‘Pancakes’, ‘Elves’, ‘Gold’.