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Show and Tell: Hooks

My first crochet hooks were the hooks I got from my grandmother. I also got my mom’s hooks, which are similar to my grandmother’s. I have been using these for a year and a half, when I needed a specific hook-size for a project. In my grandmother’s and mother’s cases I couldn’t find a 9 mm hook, so I had to browse the internet for a set of hooks that included that size. Turns out, not many sets have a 9 mm hook!

Left: my grandmother’s hooks. Right: my mother’s hooks.

Lana Grossa hooks

I managed to find a set by Lana Grossa that had a 9 mm hook. And they came in a nice case as well! I have been using them ever since, except for the 2.5 mm hook. The Lana Grossa 2.5 hook’s hook is a bit shorter than the 2.5 mm hook I got from my grandma, so I had a hard time getting the yarn to stay on the hook when pulling through. I still use my grandma’s hook whenever I need a 2.5 mm hook, because of the deep curve.

I love this case and the colors of the different hooks!
Check the depth of the hook on the right and left hooks. Left goed much deeper, making it easier to hook on to the yarn.








The grip on the Lana Grossa is so much better than on the old hooks! I only had trouble getting adjusted to the 4 mm hook, because it felt funny in my hand. Other hooks were perfect from the start. And of course, the bonus is that the hooks have pretty colors!


A few weeks ago, I came across these LED-hooks by Wolplein. It seemed so useful! And it actually works: you see your work a lot better with these hooks. The handle has two different options for brightness, so you can adjust to your own liking.







The only thing I had trouble with, is the grip. Because of the big bump, I had to use the hook differently than I’m used to. I always hold the yarn on the hook with my index finger when making trebles (double crochet in US), for some reason. The big bump on this handle makes that impossible… I’m used to having my right hand close to the yarn, but now it was so far away! And the result was that my work’s size changed! 

Left: Lana Grossa hook 3.0 mm. Right: LED hook 3.0 mm. Notice the size difference?

Apparently I work tighter when I can’t support the yarn with my middle finger, resulting in a smaller project. Maybe I just need some time to get used to the grip, but right now I don’t use the LED hook that much. You can’t change hooks in the middle of a project!

What kind of hooks do you use? Let me know in the comments, and tell me what you like about them!

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