Lampie and the children of the sea

Are you in the mood for a book that is easy to read and has a great story? Then I can really recomment Lampie and the children of the sea by Annet Schaap. Even though it is a book for children, the characters and plot appeal to the imagination of adults as well.

About the book

In short the book is about Lampie, the daughter of the lighthouse keeper. But it is also about pirates, mermaids, circus performers and monsters. And most of all, it is about love. Love between father and daughter, between friends and between unexpected allies.

Because the book is written for children, it is a delight to read. The characters are not complex, but most certainly not boring as well. This is a book that you can read in a few nights – that is, if you can put it down once you started. The story is compelling, exciting and fairytale-like. This is an oopsy-book: ‘oops, I should have gone to bed earlier but I can’t stop reading.’

Even though I read varied genres, it would have never occurred to me to read a children’s book. My bookclub, in which different books circulate from member to member over the span of a year, has made me read books I would have never picked myself. This is one of them and I am grateful for it.


While reading Lampie and the children of the sea, I lost track of time, which I think is a characteristic of a good book. I found myself in a different world, where mermaids and pirates exist, and I enjoyed every word.

So yes, I recommend this book. Also for adults, or maybe especially for adults: the magical world of Lampie and the children of the sea takes you out of reality and daily frustrations. It is lovely to feel like being in a different world, it represents the feeling of being on vacation.

Do you also want to go on vacation in a book? Lampie and the children of the sea is your travel guide. And if you have kids who also love reading, this is a nice book to read together.

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